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It could be anything between plains and mountains, from waving rapefields to the darkest jungle to deserts and glaciers.
The landscape that is reflected in my paintings could be from Scania, Tuscany or Scotland. Or rather - it is actually memories and atmospheres from different places that occurs in my head which I later on create in different combinations.
It is only on rare occasions that a certain spot is directly depicted.
To me the landscape is a picture of life itself.
There are the four elemnts - earth, wind, fire (the sun) and water - and the road is the path of life that all of us are walking.
The landscape with rolling hills symbolizes the "ups and downs" of life. Nobody knows what will happen behind next bend of the road - neither on a walk in a new neighbourhood nor on the path in the mysterious landscape called life.
Behind next hill opens new wide open spaces and new possibilities!